Smashed Performance

On Wednesday 1st February, our Year 7 & 8 students participated in a performance workshop called ‘Smashed’ around the issues of underage drinking. The story was about Mal, who could be the first in the family to get to uni. Georgia who might make the national team if she just goes the extra mile. Freddie who hides his crushed dreams and dysfunctional background beneath a veneer of bravado and a haze of alcohol. To Mal and Georgia, the older Freddie represents a taste of danger, excitement, and rebellion.

Each seeking to escape from something, they become locked in a negative spiral of peer pressure and a culture of underage drinking. This illusion of fun soon becomes more elusive. Drinking affects their mental and physical health and their relationships with friends, family and school. Mal’s aspirations appear to be dashed, but is it too late to change? Can Georgia get back on track? Will Freddie get the help he needs? A dramatic finale asks the audience to consider the choices the characters made, and what their own choices might be in their real-life story.