Liverpool Against Racism Festival
Today, some of our Year 9 students attended the Liverpool Against Racism Youth Empowerment Conference, part of the inaugural Liverpool Against Racism festival - which is a brand-new festival which takes a stand against racism Liverpool Against Racism (LAR).
The festival features specially commissioned music and cultural events which will stimulate a conversation about, and action against, racism. With a focus on community cohesion, it is a platform for people and organisations to creatively respond to hate crime. The ambition for Culture Liverpool is to set Liverpool apart as a city that doesn’t shy away from addressing the issue of racism and to celebrate diversity in all of its forms.
Liverpool Against Racism Youth Empowerment Conference sees teenagers from across the city engaging in open and frank discussions, exploring what racism means to them, getting a chance to speak to championship boxer Natasha Jonas and having the opportunity to creatively articulate themselves and their thoughts around Anti-Racism through a variety of creative workshops.