Y7 Reading Competition!
We are running a competition for our New Year 7’s!
All students will be expected to read the book, The Explorer, by Katherine Rundell, which has been posted out to you. They will then be required to write a review of the book. Within the review they should include: a brief overview of the book; what thoughts and feelings were evoked from the book; what they liked and disliked about the book; and what rating they would give the book.
Reading for leisure is a skill which is extremely important for students. It will not only inspire the creativity of the students, but it will expose students to new and exciting vocabulary. We have recently been focusing on vocabulary and phonics at school and this project will continue to be a priority in the school’s future and we hope that this activity will build further on your child’s reading and writing skills.
The competition will run until the first day of term, Thursday 2nd September 2021. The students will then be expected to either hand in, or email, their review to gmoglione@saviosalesiancollege.com . The students will be able to handwrite or type their reviews.
Once the date has passed, the English department will select a winning review; the winner will be presented with a £10 voucher!