Student Immunisation Update

Immunisation delivery in schools was suspended in March due to the COVID 19 outbreak. Sefton  Immunisation Teams has now been given the go ahead by NHS England to recommence delivery of vaccinations. Year 8 and Year 9 were affected by the lockdown.

The recovery has now started.

Parents from year 9 pupils who have previously returned a consent form are currently being contacted by Sefton Immunisation Team inviting students to attend school to receive their missed vaccinations and have been asked to attend at a specified time to enable the service to be delivered in a safe way adhering to government guidance.

For students who have not retuned a consent form, please be assured your child will be put on a catch up programme from September throughout the next academic school year.

If you have any queries, please contact Sefton Immunisation Team on 0151 247 6130.