Y11 Parents COVID-19 Update

Dear Y11 pupils, parents and carers

I realise this is an unsettling and anxious time for all of you. The national emergency around covid-19 has created an unprecedented situation in many aspects of life, not least for those who were due to sit GCSE their examinations this summer. To clarify you will not now be sitting any GCSE examinations this summer. As a result many of you are wondering how GCSE grades will be awarded and how this might affect you and your future pathways to further education, apprenticeships, training and employment. Ofqual (the organisation responsible for overseeing examinations and grading’s) expects to publish detailed information about the process for GCSEs to schools this week and when we get this information we will inform you of how the process will work.

We are also aware that the sudden end to term was not how we would normally expect to finish Year 11. You may well have questions about Leavers assembly and Prom. It is our intention to consider holding a prom incorporating a leaver’s assembly for your year group in the Autumn term of the next academic year (hopefully in September 2020) but this will be dependent upon the national situation and guidance around gatherings of larger groups of people as well as the number of pupils likely/able to attend.  Again we will update you on this when we have more definite information but we do anticipate it will be weeks and possibly months before we are able to provide more information on this. Unfortunately I am unable to advise what you should do regarding financial arrangements you may have entered into for Prom clothing, you must make the decisions which best support your family and finances at this time.

Finally I hope you and your family are well and safe at this troubling time and would encourage you to heed government advice around social distancing to help combat this virus and return life to normality as soon as possible

Yours sincerely,


Tony Costello