Knife Crime Event

On Tuesday 9th July Savio Salesian College hosted a discussion around the complex issue of knife crime amongst young people and its devastating consequences. Local Radio City presenter, Pete Price chaired the discussion that included a panel made up of Merseyside’s Chief of Police Andy Cooke, Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan, Everton in the Community Young Persons Liaison Officer Sue Gregory, Headteacher of Savio Salesian College Tony Costello and the parents of Sam Cook, Alan Cook and Jillian Radcliffe, who was tragically murdered in a knife attack on the evening of his 21st birthday in Liverpool City Centre.


In the audience of 120 young people were those from varied backgrounds all waiting to ask the panel of experts why there was this epidemic amongst young people and, more importantly, what could they do about it.  Sam’s mum and dad were the most important voices in the room as they movingly told their story and answered some very direct questions. 


Fortunately, schools in our country are very safe places with very few incidents of serious crime and assaults but as the panel made clear to the assembled audience the answers to the issue of knife crime is in the hands of young people and the message is very simple – do not carry a weapon and report those who do.


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