Heather Smith Fashion Design

Here’s yet another fantastic example of a Savio student doing us proud and showing what it means to be a Salesian student!

Liverpool based fashion graduate Heather Smith, uses design to address political issues, aiming to empower women through how they dress. Her work reflects her own personal style, entwined with a love of vintage and tailoring, creating high quality, timeless pieces that are designed to be staples that last. From a young age creativity has always been close... to her heart, her time at Savio Salesian College helped to shape her ideas, forming a strong base of arts education allowed her to excel through further education.

Upon completion of her degree at Liverpool John Moores University, Heather presented her graduate collection at Graduate Fashion Week in London, the largest graduate fashion event in the world. This has opened up many doors for her to progress with her career and further education.

Deeply entwined with a love of vintage fashion, Heather creates her collection by taking inspiration from current cultural and political issues, as well as timeless vintage style. Before the appearance of “fast fashion”, clothing was designed to last and functionality was (generally) important. Heather’s work reflects these beliefs, presenting quality garments that are designed to last and are appropriate to today’s working woman.

Business attire is fascinating as it has seemingly not evolved as quickly as the rest of the fashion industry. Clothing is a language; what people wear for work is such a considered process. Many choose to dress not as themselves, but how they want to be perceived in the workplace. Sometimes a person’s work clothing is a kind of costume, a mask to conceal their true self. Whether that be through a company given uniform, or an unspoken dress code to fit in.

Heather is focused on creating desirable solution for modern women to wear, that is not only a reflection of professionalism and formality, but also personality and femininity.

Instagram: Heather.Smith.Designs