What Is Special About Us?


"Young people not only need to be loved, they need to know that they are loved."

This is one of Don Bosco's, founder in 1859 of the congregation of Salesian Priests and Brothers, most important statements about working with young people.

St John Bosco has a special place in the life of the Catholic Church, not only as a saint but also as a visionary educator. He sought to bring the love of God to young people, many poor and without work or education, so that they would know they were valued and rich in potential. This he did through practical action taking the homeless into his own house and through the provision of accommodation, the teaching of trades, schooling, and academic education for the more able. His motivation was not just to make them 'honest citizens' able to earn their own living; he was driven by a passion to save souls, to educate young people in their Christian faith and to challenge them to holiness as exemplified by his pupil St Dominic Savio, the name adopted by Savio Salesian College.

As a Salesian school we are part of a community of 3200 Salesian schools operating in 130 countries. In 1887, the first Salesians came to England. In 1964, Salesian College - a boys Grammar School with 64 pupils opened on Stanley Road, Bootle. In 1966, the Salesian College of St John Bosco opened on our current site, eventually becoming Savio Salesian College in 1987 after an amalgamation with St Augustine's Girls School. In 2017 we will celebrate our 50th Anniversary on this site.

And so in this increasingly secular world we find ourselves in, we a proud to be part of a worldwide Catholic Salesian community that has the young people 'our future' at the heart of its Mission and Vision.

And so we strive to keep alive the charisma of Don Bosco and his belief in the goodness of God, and we endeavour to give our students what they need for life. We also actively work to ensure our students understand the goodness and love of our God.