Drug Education Workshop


This week, years 7-10 participated in a very hard hitting ‘Drugs Education Workshop ‘ led by Steve Duffy a former prison officer who witnessed the devastating effects drugs have upon peoples wellbeing, family life and can lead to an increase in criminality. The students couldn’t help but feel the impact of the message delivered by Steve and his team of amazingly brave volunteers. The volunteers were former addicts whose lives have suffered devastating consequences as a result of their life choices. All of them admitted that it took a long time for them to accept responsibility for their actions and in doing so they have sought to transform their lives for the better. The volunteers faced a barrage of soul searching questions from our students as the learnt that it is more than just saying ‘No’ but no matter how hard life gets in the future that moment of weakness may negatively impact upon your life. A tough message delivered in a hard hitting manner that resonated with our students.


For more about their workshop, please visit www.chooselifeproject.org