News: Year 11

Our Year 11 students have started planning for their future. They commenced the week with an assembly led by South Sefton College informing our students of the post 16 educational opportunities they offer.

They then had to prepare their ‘Mock Interview’ application forms which asked them to consider their additional employability skills and how they will need to prepare themselves for future job/ college/apprenticeship applications .The English department supported this process as the students were able to apply their language skills towards a practical endeavour.

An identified cohort of Year 11 students commenced a series of Clear Minds Workshops led by ‘Positive Futures with the aim of developing strategies for young people to help with exams, interview techniques, and CV writing, also having 1-to-1's in order to help with self-esteem, confidence building, social anxiety and any other issues the young person may have.

On Wednesday 27th September we were very grateful to Santander , Hugh Baird, HMRC, BT, Geoban, DWP, Port of Liverpool Police, Sefton MBC and DBS who all released valued members of staff to conduct the students ‘Mock Interviews’. This was a very positive and worthwhile experience for our students as they received immediate feedback and guidance about their technique and how they can develop their written and oral communication skills in anticipation of future interviews.

Our students were then put under the spotlight as Dr Peter Hawkins (a leading expert on career and life management) asked them to raise their aspirations and plan for their future. The students had to consider where they wanted to be and how they wanted their lives to look at the age of thirty and he was impressed with their ambition and hope for their future. The students left with plenty of food for thought and the challenge has been issued –what can they do in the next one hundred days that will have a positive impact upon their future?

The Business Studies students were able to participate in a ‘Speed Mentoring ‘session with two local entrepreneurs. Mr Andy Kent CEO –Angel Solutions and Dr Michelle Brennan (a former student) they will able to impart their career journeys and share life strategies to inspire and motivate our students to achieve and not waste any opportunities to exploit their full potential.

In this demanding academic year there are many pressures placed upon the students and having strategies / coping mechanisms for dealing with stress is a necessary skill in today’s fast moving world. The students were very grateful to Mrs Howe( Pastoral Care & Standards Leader ) and Mrs Best ( School Counsellor) who guided them through some different exercises including meditation as the students found this most beneficial .


This year will ‘fly by‘ and it is vital the students make informed considered decisions about their next step , every student has received individual impartial careers guidance and support , they have had a ‘taster day’ at a post 16 institution, two weeks work experience and  a day on CV writing and employability skills. Their ‘Next Step’ will involve attending open days, meeting with Apprenticeship Mentors, deciding the career route they prefer and commencing the application process. With the many opportunities and experiences this cohort of students have been offered it is hoped that they will be extremely well prepared and equipped for their future.