News: Enterprising Entrepreneurs at Savio (23rd June 2017)

Our recent Year 7 & 8 Enterprise Challenge highlighted that we have a significant number of students who possess the potential to become the next Richard Branson or Deborah Meadon!

Cleaning cars, walking dogs, baking cakes and selling ‘mocktails’ were just some of the businesses our students created for the "Tenner Challenge". Over the course of a week they were able to develop their employability skills of team work, communication and problem solving.

For instance one group started selling doughnuts at the height of the heat wave so changed their product to ice cream; they showed awareness of their customer base needs and strove to meet the demand. For some, when the going got tough and their product melted before reaching their target market, they needed to dig deeper and show greater resilience.

The Challenge culminated with each business presenting their results and sharing what went well and what they would change if they were to repeat the experience. There were some marvellous orators who engaged the audience and entertained us with their experience. Nearly every business repaid their £10 and over £400 has been raised for a charity that our pupils will nominate.

There were many success stories, but there were others where not everything went smoothly . Students have learned some valuable life lessons which will help better equip them for the demands of the future.

Well done, and thank you to all involved!