Regular attendance at school is vital in ensuring the success of your child. 

If your child is absent you should send a note on the day he/she returns explaining why your child was absent.

We ask parents to telephone the school as soon as possible, but no later than 9.30am on the first day of absence (Telephone 0151 521 3088)

There are rewards for pupils who attend regularly during the school year.  At the end of the year pupils who receive full attendance will receive a prize in the Prize Giving Assembly. 

Holidays During Term Time

We request that you do not arrange to take your child on holiday during term time (if you do, the absence will be unauthorised.)


Pupils should plan their journey to school and aim to arrive by 8.20am to give themselves time to prepare for the school day which begins at 8.30am.  Anyone arriving after 8.50am will receive a ‘late’ mark from their form tutor.  It is very important that pupils sign in if they are late. 

Pupils who are late for no valid reason on two or more occasions a week will receive an after-school detention.  We inform parents if pupils are late frequently.

Medical or Dental Appointments

Please try to make medical or dental appointments after school or during holidays.  If your child needs to be absent for a medical or dental appointment, please make sure you send in the appointment card the day before to the attendance officer so that the absence can be recorded. We will authorise up to half a day for medical appointments during the school day.