News: Y9 student donates hair for young cancer patients (4th November 2016)

When Year 9 pupil Aleisha Evans decided she wanted to make a difference to the lives of young cancer sufferers, she made the brave decision to cut off a significant amount of her own hair to donate to a charity that provides real hair wigs for young people who suffer with hair loss. Read Aleshia's story below, and find out why she was driven to make a difference:

“On Saturday 29th October, I had 15 inches cut off my hair. I have decided that I am going to donate my hair to a very special charity called the “Little Princess Trust”, which is a charity that makes wigs for children who are going through cancer treatment and have lost their own hair.

“I wanted to do this because as it is coming up to Christmas, I want to put a big smile on a child’s face, and give them hope. Last August, I sadly lost my Nan to cancer in the Woodlands Hospice. I find I have become much stronger since she has passed away, so this is one reason I want to do this. I want to make her proud and show how much I still love her.

“The Woodlands Hospice did an excellent job caring for my Nan when she was very ill in her last days. I also wanted to give something back to them by fundraising to help them continue doing the great work that they do.”


Congratulations to Aleisha for taking this brave step! Keep checking back to the website for updates on Aleshia's fundraising.