Student Code of Conduct & The Path to Reflection Room

As a student of Savio Salesian College, the following code of conduct is expected:

I will arrive on time for school

I will bring a bag to school for carrying books and equipment

I will work to the best of my ability at all times

I will wear full school uniform at all times and keep my blazer collar down

I will not wear jewellery

I will not bring chewing gum onto the school premises

I will not leave the school without a written request and a signed permission slip from Student Services

I will complete all homework set and hand it in on time

I will follow all health and safety instructions displayed around the school

I will arrive on time for school

I will bring a bag to school for carrying books and equipment


Inside the classroom:

I will arrive on time for my lessons and enter the room quietly

I will come to lessons with all the necessary equipment and my planner

I will listen to and follow instructions the first time they are given

I will raise my hand and wait until given permission to answer or speak

I will obey all safety rules around the school and especially in specialist practical rooms

I will treat others, their work and their equipment with respect


Outside the classroom:

I will follow the rules at break / lunch time and remain in dining areas or outside the building

I will only use Fire Exits in the event of an emergency

I will put rubbish in the bins provided

I will walk on the left down the corridor and staircases

I will line up in the corridor quietly ready for lessons

I will treat others and their work with respect


The Path to Reflection Room:

If your behaviour or your attitude to learning is below standard, the following will happen:

(1) You will be given a warning and your name will be put on the board.
(2) If poor behaviour continues you will be warned again.
(3) If there is no improvement in your behaviour you will be sent to the Reflection Room

If you are sent to the Reflection Room, you will be given a 15 minute after school detention!



You will be sent straight to referral for serious offences, for example:

- Racist / homophobic comment
- Swearing
- Dangerous behaviour