College Chapel

Fr J Ruszniak (College Chaplain)
Bro T Blok (Chaplaincy Assistant)

The Chaplaincy of Savio Salesian College lies at the physical centre of the college campus and is available to individuals, groups and classes during the school day in the spirit of Don Bosco, the founder of the Salesian family. Our prayer life and worship is grounded in the reality of everyday life. In our regular chapel sessions with classes we also make use of the excellent facilities of the Don Bosco Centre. Mass and Liturgies are offered both to staff and students on a regular basis during the week and special occasions, such as our annual November Remembrance, and are open to the wider community that the College serves.

On arrival at the college, all Year 7 students are given the opportunity of a Day’s Retreat, while residential experiences are offered to young people in older year groups. These Retreats offer our students a chance to step back, draw closer to God, and consider their needs and what will help to make our community even better.

The Chaplaincy also organises various trips as diverse as Paris Disneyland, Alton Towers and Southport Splashworld. The present Chaplin is also involved in the local parish and so is very aware of the strengths that the local community can offer. His office is always open to anyone from the wider community.

Weekly reflections for staff include...

- Advent
- Belonging
- Mother Teresa
- Perserverance
- Salesian presence
- School
- Working with yound people