News: Year of Mercy Pilgrimage Walk (23rd June 2016)

Pope Francis has declared this year as the ‘Year of Mercy’ encouraging all Catholics to reflect on the mercy and healing that is needed in their lives. With these themes in mind the pupils of Notre Dame and Savio Salesian Catholic College completed a Pilgrimage of Mercy walk today to Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Ten pupils from each college completed this symbolic gesture and had an incredibly reflective and prayerful day led by Fr Jakub Ruszniak and the RE departments from both Colleges respectively.

The pupils from Savio Salesian College walked from Bootle to Notre Dame for refreshments and then both Colleges walked together for the remainder of the journey. On arrival to the Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral, the pupils entered the Holy Door and completed the Stations of Mercy; the pupils listened carefully to the message at each station and were encouraged to think about the healing required in their lives. This was then followed by a beautiful Mass led by Fr Jakub while the pupils sang and played music.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration and were especially inspired by Fr Jakub. They enjoyed the hymns during Mass, particularly “Singing in the Valleys”. Some of the pupils had never visited the Cathedral before and were overwhelmed by the architecture and beauty creating a deep sense of reverence for the pupils.