Support Staff

Admin Team

Mrs C Hooson

Exams Officer

Mrs S Humphray

Finance Officer

Mrs L Jones

Attendance Officer

Mrs M Macken

Business Manager

Mrs B Vincent

Office Manager & Student Services

Mrs S Willcox

Admin Officer

Pastoral Care & Standards

Mrs L Howe

Pastoral Care & Standards Leader


Mrs H Fort

College Chaplain Volunteer

Fr J Ruszniak

College Chaplain

Fr T Blok

College Chaplain Volunteer

Learning Support Unit

Mrs P Stroud

Head of Learning Support Unit

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Moran

Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Sheils

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Bacon

Teaching Assistant

Miss H Pruden

Teaching Assistant

Mr J Delaney

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Gibbons

Teaching Assistant


Mr L Culshaw

IT & Reprographics

Mrs M Delaney

Food Technology

Mr P Molloy


Mr T Dring


Mr R Withe

Design Technology

Site Staff

Mr F Deegan


Mr R Mallon


Mr J McCormick


Welfare Supervisors

Ms M O'Brien


Don Bosco Youth Centre

Mrs F Mowatt


Mrs J Webb



Mrs C Kennedy

Catering Manager


Up to date as of 11/09/19