Latest Personal Development Workshops Roundup


LOOPS is a brand-new show exploring the intersectionality of systemic racism and how it looks and feels for young people and young adults in Liverpool and the UK today. The students from Years 9 & 10 watched this performance mesmerised from start to finish.

For the past 16 years, 20 Stories High have been in dialogue with young culturally diverse Liverpool voices who express their trauma and concerns about the multiple oppressions they face in many sectors of society including, education, health, housing, and the increasing oppressions faced with stop and search and criminal justice. These recurring oppressions are on the increase, and for many of us, it feels like we are stuck in a Loop , hence the name!
Anthony Walker Foundation
Our entire Year 8 cohort participated in the Anthony Walker Foundation workshops as education is the key to dismantling racism.  Our aim is to empower and educate young people to challenge hate crimes/incidents and embrace anti-racism through collective learning and thought-provoking discussions.  With the aid of positive group participation and engagement with our young people, we work to create a society free from hate and prejudice.
We know that prejudicial views, unconscious bias and stereotypes often start at a very young age as a result of (but not limited to) environment and upbringing.  Anti-racism work should always start in the home but should be closely followed and supported by what is being taught in our schools. By educating pupils from a young age, we hope to instil anti-racist values before prejudice and discriminations develop. We aim to create a truly inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, valued and respected.
The Year 7 &8 students watched an impactful performance called ‘Smashed’. The performance focussed upon the negative impact of consuming drugs and alcohol can have on your life. The students were absorbed in the performance which gave them plenty to consider and hopefully help them to make good decisions in the future.
This coincided with a ‘Choose Life’ workshops where former addicts shared the journey they had been on and the negative consequences of these actions.
GRASS - Perception Theatre
Years 9 & 10 attended a strong performance that dealt with the issues many people face and knowing where your moral compass is pointing . It told the story of when Joe, Jake and Connor plan a night out in town, they are keen and eager to get out and get on it, but as their night unfolds it takes a turn for the worst.
When Connor notices an attractive girl at the bar he makes his move, only to find out that she has a boyfriend. When Connor is fronted by the girl's boyfriend, Connor snaps back which results in Connor, Joe and Jake being dragged out by security.
As the lads move on from the club, Jake notices that they are being followed by the lads from the bar. In a matter of moments a fight breaks out which leads to Connor making one final and fatal move as he punches one of the lads in the head causing him to fall to his death as he hits his head on a curb and dies immediately at the scene.
The following morning, the incident manages to make the headlines as the police begin appealing for witnesses. With the tensions rising Jake, Joe’s and Connor’s friendship is put to the test as they must battle with their own moral compass and decide whether to tell the truth or stay silent and not ‘GRASS’.
Anna Freud Workshops
Year 9 are participating in a series of workshops delivered by the Anna Freud Foundation. This is a Department for Education commissioned project called AWARE. As part of this project, trained professionals will deliver Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM) to Year 9 pupils. YAM is a series of five sessions around mental health awareness and promotion .
During these sessions, pupils will be encouraged to engage in reflection, dialogue and role play about everyday situations or difficulties they face, how their actions affect themselves and others, and how they can support peers.